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The Heinz Center works to increase understanding of biodiversity in special places around the world. Biodiversity Chair Thomas Lovejoy is a prominent leader in global efforts for biodiversity protection. His decades of work in the Amazon Rainforest and elsewhere have changed our understanding of the changing conditions for life on this planet.

Over the past decade, the Center has created two landmark analyses of the State of the Nation’s Ecosystems. These interdisciplinary reports are inspired by the belief that that American citizens should have access to regularly reported, high quality, non-partisan information on the state of our lands, waters, and living resources.

United States

The Rocky Mountains are an iconic American landscape, the “purple mountains majesty” of America the Beautiful. The Heinz Center studies Rocky Mountain ecosystems and works with local land managers to cope with a changing world. We create custom-designed toolkits for the men and women entrusted with the protection of regional biodiversity. MORE>



Biodiversity Chair Thomas Lovejoy remains the world’s most influential advocate for the protection of Amazon Basin ecosystems. Dr Lovejoy’s operations at his Camp 41 in Brazil continue to provide new information on rainforest biodiversity in general and Amazon biodiversity in particular. MORE>



The Heinz Center works with scientists and decision makers in Africa to improve the scientific basis for management of their continent’s wildlife. Jonathan Mawdsley has studied African pollinators and other invertebrates since 1992, and continues to manage a research program on African entomology through his appointment at the Smithsonian. Martha Surridge monitored birds, mammals, and herptofauna in Swaziland and studied Grevy’s Zebra in Kenya. MORE>