Consensus Environmentalism


The Center wants to encourage early coalition-building – Democrats and Republicans, corporations and NGOs, universities and government – on issues and ideas that will soon loom large.


The Heinz Center is devoted to providing a forum for thought leaders to present cutting-edge information about the science and economics of the environment. We work to elevate urgent and emerging issues and insights in national and international policy debates.  

Horizons@Heinz features a series of environmental policy lectures, as well as the convening of thoughts leaders with public and private policy makers to translate advances in understanding into meaningful public policy action. MORE>

Partnership on Technology Innovation and the Environment

Some of the most promising technology for a cleaner, healthier world can get caught up in bureaucratic red tape. The Partnership on Technology Innovation and the Environment is a new private-public consortium sponsored by the Heinz Center “to accelerate the development, adoption, deployment and export of technologies that protect health and the environment as they grow the US economy and create American jobs.” MORE>


Arctic Initiative

Once thought of as a barren wasteland, we are learning more about the delicate ecosystem on and below the Arctic ice – even as climate change, and a new race for resources made possible by the melting ice, threatens to disrupt that ecosystem forever. Today, the Heinz Center is exploring the changing science and economics of the Arctic. from the impacts of increased shipping and black carbon, to the impact of extractive industries. MORE>